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Palanquée: strategy by plants.

Strategy board game for all ages group over 7, 2 or 3 players (up to 5 with extention), about 45 minute per round. Golden dice at 1998 Boulogne games design contest.

-Grow plants to control ground and eradicate other plants.

-Plants need to contain one seed to live. there  is only 3 seeds per player.

-Management and negotiation skill are involved.

-Averagely complex mechanism but easy to remember because it's natural inspiration.

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Palanquée is inpired by vegetable world. It create formal jungle where trees will fight together to control the ground and eradicate others. 

It get a golden dice and 5000 ff prize at 1998’s Boulogne game design contest.

But the amount of pieces made it pricey and quite difficult to find its path to public. However, recent 3d printing emergence made-it possible to lower costs and restart the project. 


-printed carton box  26x26x5 cm.

-printed carton board 50x50 cm.

-12 seeds 3 different colors.

-150 sprouts assorted to seeds.

-16 pages booklet.


Be the last one on the board.

For that, need to grow the plants in the most efficient way while avoiding opponent attacks and thus acquire capacity to: cut opponent plants, parasite them or even accelerate growth by raising leaves. 


Tu survive, a sprout need to be connected to a group that contain a seed. Because of that it’s possible to remove a big part of one’s plant by cutting it at the right place. 

Cut sprout come back to their owner and can be used again.  So there is always enough material to grow ones plant or parasite.  The seeds are kept away when they die.  

Each seed on the board give one move per turn for its owner.

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Strategy board game for all ages group over 7. 2 players. About 15 minute per round.

  • Manage to stop the fight with as less damage as possible in order to improve the score.
  • Only generals belongs to someone. Other parts need to be controlled.
  • Improve players observation and focusing skill.
  • Need some mind flexibility to adapt with original mechanism. 
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