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Gataris team learned strategy by playing chess in competitions. As romantic school enthusiasts we did not get great results on chessboard but we put our pride in successfully win on time, one of the best 90’s chess software (Power Chess) by creating so complex situation that it failed to find acceptable move.   

We use that experience to create new games with innovative mechanisms that will lead you to develop new ways of thinking. Unusual for games but useful for everyday life. 

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Strategy board game for all ages group over 7. 2 players. About 15 minute per round. Manage to stop the fight with as less damage as possible in order to improve the score. Only generals belongs to someone. Other...
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Strategy board game for all ages group over 7, 2 or 3 players (up to 5 with extention), about 45 minute per round. Golden dice at 1998 Boulogne games design contest. -Grow plants to control ground and eradicate other...
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