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Secure payment

On GATARIS shop you can pay by Credit Card, Paypal, bank transfer and few other local payment means. We also propose Bitcoin as an experimental payment alternative.

CB Visa, American Express, Master Card et Paypal

Alll credit card, bank transfer, and other local payment means are secured by paypal and Prestashop. GATARIS staff has no access to your payment mean data. Your payment mean data transit in a secured way from your device to Payal or to your payment mean operator. Then Paypal or your operator inform us that your payement is valid.  

Bitcoin Payments are secured by BLOCONOMICS and strictly follow their own procedure.

Your order is packed and shipped as soon  as we receive your payment confirmation. 

Credit card

You can pay by CB, Visa, Mastercard and few other local payment means. Extra information about that topic will be delivered through the basket depending your area and Prestashop  offer evolution.


You also have opportunity to pay direct with your paypal account.

Bank transfer

Accurate information aout the bank transfer you have to achieve will be delivered by the basket in case you choose that payment mean. 

Thanks in advance to precise your identity or your order number on your bank transfer in order to allow us ship it as soon as possible.


As an experiment we accept bitcoin BTC as a payment means. Other cryptocurrencies are now also available with our new module Pay.