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Personal data protection and comment term of use

Data integrity and privacy

All GATARIS web pages that contain personal data are transmitted in a secured way to our server. The device you use to browse our web do SSL encryption prior to send it to our server. Only our server has the private key to decrypt your data.

You can easily ensure yourself that the page you are reading is secured by looking at the address bar. If it start with "https://" it mean the page is secured. 

Moreover we never send your personal data to third party for the purpose of advertisement.

We transmit your data to bank at payment time.  

We transmit your address to shipping operator as well as your phone number if you gave it. Note that most parcel operators require phone number.

Bank payment means data

Your payment means data are not stored on our server. They are encrypted before transit from your device to your bank which then tells our server that you made a payment. We never have access to your payment means data.


GATARIS website use cookies for the sole purpose of basket, account an comments function. According to our knowledge, there is no way to operate e-shop with fewer cookies.

We don't use cookies aimed to track you or to do intrusive statistic about you. You will easily notice that you are not followed by our products anywhere on the web after visiting our shop.


Our website complies with RGPD regulation rules through dedicated module. For any question about your personal data thanks to contact us directly:









Blog commentaries and product evaluations

terms of use


-COFRAVIE SARL* company, owner of and and GATARIS™ brand, hereinafter called «GATARIS» or "we"

On one hand and

-The user reading those rules and accepting them hereinafter called "you",

on the other hand.

*COFRAVIE SARL is a French crafting company with 6000€ capital, 

registered the 04/01/2007, RCS EVREUX FRANCE 495 366 452, RM EVREUX 495 366 452 RM 270, TVA FR 0449 536 6452

ZA des prés, 70 route de Fourges, 27620 GASNY, France

(33) + 06 81 42 91 44

** by extension, « our web » will mean , .

Article 1: Objectives

Present conditions are aimed to define parties right, obligations and liabilities within the context of comments you may write on GATARIS blog articles, on one hand, and review you may write on our product pages, on the other hand.  

Article 2: General provisions

Present conditions apply only to comments review and ratings you may write on GATARIS website. They do not apply to purchase you can make on GATARIS website. And they do not apply to conversations, mails or sms you can freely exchange with our services.

Within that context you acknowledge that: 

- According to French law you can legally express yourself on our website.

- You have strong belief that the review you are writing on our website do not infringe any French law neither violate any copyright or intellectual property.   

- You have read and understood these conditions and agree to be bound by.

Submitting comment review or rating implies you fully acknowledge these conditions.

Article 3: Property

We are owners of GATARIS website. While submitting comment review or rating you expressly agree to waive any right or property you may have on it within the strict context of publishing it on GATARIS website as comment review or rating.

Article 4: Responsibility

You acknowledge to be fully responsible for what you publish on our website.

Article 5: Publication

Your comment quote or review publication is not a right or an obligation. We can decide to publish it or not at our own discretion. Your writing is read by GATARIS member prior to any publication which will decide whether it's comply with our ethic. In such a case your writing is publicized with no modification.

Otherwise if we feel your message violent, hateful, abusive, off-topic or using fool language it will be silently rejected.  


These conditions are our own creation.  There is absolutely no warranty they are relevant accurate or complete and we don't place any copyright on. Feel free to propose any improvement :