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Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions


-COFRAVIE SARL* company, owner of  and  and GATARIS™ brand, hereinafter called «GATARIS» or «we» 

On one hand,

-The user reading those rules and accepting them hereinafter called «You»,

on the other hand.

*COFRAVIE SARL is a French crafting company with 6000€ capital, registered the 04/01/2007, RCS EVREUX FRANCE 495 366 452, RM EVREUX 495 366 452 RM 270, VAT FR 0449 536 6452,

ZA des prés, 70 route de Fourges, 27 620 GASNY, France

(33) + 06 81 42 91 44

Article 1: Objectives 

Current conditions govern you and GATARIS right and obligations when you buy product(s) on GATARIS website.

Article 2: General provisions

Current conditions apply for any purchase you operate on GATARIS website.

Within this context you agree that:

- You have legal age to contract according to French law

- You have got all required information to assume that the product you are purchasing match with what you intent to buy especially regarding beginning of article 5 below

- You have got all required information concerning prices, applied taxes and shipping charges especially regarding article 4 below

- You have got all required information concerning process of your order especially regarding article 5 below

- You have got all required information concerning processing, shipping and delivery delay especially regarding article 6 below

- You have got all required information concerning payment, especially regarding article 7 below

- You have got all required information concerning ability to cancel an order and GATARIS products warranty, especially regarding article 7 and 8 below

- You have read and understand all the terms and conditions and you agree with.

Article 3:  Product and service 

GATARIS aim is artisanal production of board games, puzzles and small toys we sell direct on our website. For each product, our current stock is clearly indicated on product page.  When all ordered product are in stock, we ordinary ship your package within 24/48h and it can be delivered to you as fast as 4 days up to few weeks depending delivery place and transporter choice at checkout. 

Most of our goods are constantly produced but you have to consider few weeks extra delay when ordering one that is out of stock. In such a case we inform you through e-mail and you have opportunity to cancel your order and get a full refund.

Article 4: Prices

Unless otherwise stated our prices are quoted in euro and includes 20% French VAT and minimum shipping charges for delivery in France. VAT and minimum shipping charges are automatically updated as soon as delivery place is registered in our system. 

Shipping charges are indicated separately from product prices. Standard shipping charges are not subject to VAT but may vary depending the content of the basket.

As soon as the delivery address is registered, the correct VAT is applied: 20% for France and European Union, 0% for the rest of the world (including TOM). Standard shipping charges are updated at the same time.

Only prices listed in euro are guaranteed. Prices can be listed in other currencies as a facility but are not guaranteed in other currencies than Euro. Exchange rate we use are refreshed automatically and are as accurate as possible but some technical issues may alter accuracy against our willing. Final transactions are always operated in Euro or Bitcoin.

Local customs may apply duties to our products outside European Union. GATARIS carefully fill in all required documents for every destination, including CN23 and invoices, but there is no way for GATARIS to pay those duties in advance. On the other hand, we don’t know any country applying duties on our kind of product. If you want to get information from your local authorities, you need to know that:

Our products are made in France by ourselves

We pay attention  to all safety rules and norm applied to our products

We use brand new raw materials originated from EU

Our products mostly rely on 9503.60.20 US custom tariff schedule

Finally GATARIS product prices can change without prior advice. The contract price for one order is the price displayed on GATARIS e-shop at time of payment. It is reproduced on the invoice issued by GATARIS system. 

Article 5: Purchase steps

You take knowledge of GATARIS products features and characteristics through GATARIS webpages. Note that no matter how careful we are at shooting time and layout design time GATARIS website pictures have no contractual value. Since our products are constantly evolving, everything is not always perfectly up to date.  

You then indicate what product you want to purchase by putting it in the basket.

You can easily put or remove any product in or out of the basket.

You then indicate your name, the delivery address and eventually the billing address (if different). Those data will be stored on GATARIS server in a secured way. You will have access and right to modify or erase those data as stated in 6 January 1978 French law (CNIL) or RGPD regulation. 

You then choose a delivery option and payment option 

You will receive different mails along that process :

- When you create a client account 

- When you achieve an order

- When your payment is validated

- When your packet is shipped

- When you receive your packet

You can contact us at any time to get information about your order by post : 


Za des prés, 

70 route de Fourges

27 620 GASNY


e-mail :

phone : (33) + 06 81 42 91 44

Article 6: Delivery

Products ordered on GATARIS website are delivered at the address you provided during purchase within the time stated for choose operator. 

Depending operator, your packet is delivered directly in your mailbox or require signature to be delivered according to operator description on our website.  

In case of important delay, you keep right to cancel your order and get a full refund of your order in accordance with articles l123-2  and l138-3 of European trading rules (code de la consommation).

A tracking number for your parcel is joined in shipping confirmation mail.

Please carefully check your parcel before acceptance. After then, you become legally responsible for any damage occurred to your order.

Aticle 7: Paiement / rétractation

Payments are operated at order time by credit card, Paypal®, bank transfer or bitcoin. Notre that your payment means data are never stored on our server, neither known by any member of GATARIS team. They are crypt on the device you use to browse our website and transit in a secure way from your device to the operator you chose for transaction.

Since the payment is made at order time and it’s distance selling you are granted 14 days delay after packet reception to cancel your order and get a full refund of your order. Note that in such a case you have to send back the product at your own expense before you get the refund.  

If you want to cancel your ordet, thanks to contact us first in order to get a return number and instructions.

Article 8: Waranty

All legal warranties apply to GATARIS products. So you can: 

- within 6 month get free reparation replacement or refund for any defect not resulting from wrong usage or normal wear.

-within 2 years you can get free reparation replacement or refund for any hidden defect. 

For both cases, you will need to have regular proof of purchase such as your client data on our website and a retun number (see Article 6 above)

Article 9: intellectual property

Brands, products names, pictures, video or any information wearing intellectual property right remain property of their respective owner.  Any reproduction or modification is strictly forbidden  prior  to written acknowledgement of owners.

Article 10: Force majeure

GATARIS obligations exposed in present conditions are automatically cancelled in case of force majeure making GATARIS impossible to comply with. In such a case GATARIS will inform you as soon as pssible.

Article 11: nullity

In case one of the article above would become null for any reason, all the other stay valid unless otherwise proven.

Article 12: GATARIS responsibility

GATARIS responsibility coming from those conditions cannot exceed transaction value.

Article 13: Applicable law

Current conditions and all transaction they rule are governed by French law


Current conditions are freely inspired from model available here free of charges: