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New design of Daya

1873 12/30/2021
Gradually, the technology evolves with more folding, more cardboard, and less plastic, glue.This is Daya, the art of Directing in 2022.
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Chrismas Market of Vernon (27), 2021

1953 11/26/2021
At Chrismas market of Vernon 2021, Gataris presents ít games: Tamashido, new version of Quintex, Palanquée... all games support your bodies and your minds.  
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Crypto currencies : already one year has gone !

2526 07/13/2021
One year ago, we setup Bitcoin payment on our brand new website. So now is a good time to review our experience and decide what next. To make it short, all is not perfectly clear for instance, especially...
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They're talking about us.

3574 01/19/2021
All those peoples talk about us and we thanks them much Blogs
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Vernon Christmas market 2020 : GATARIS follow the rules

2549 12/03/2020
As anywhere Vernon’s Christmas market has been virtualized. It can be found there: in order to give a “true” market look and feel we setup hand-in-hand delivery...
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Christmas is comming ! Think about delivery time. It can be long with covid.

2508 11/08/2020
This year we can not do any chrismas market. So here is the only place to get our products. Be cautious with the time or choose something else in your preffered shop.   For a delivery in France, an order placed...
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Our website V5 is officially online.

1 2235 11/02/2020
Our website 5th version is is now officially online and 100% workable. We have done extensive test of everything. It work and it alreday done some sales in 3 countries. However if you encounter any problem with the...
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5463 08/26/2020
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