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Christmas is comming ! Think about delivery time. It can be long with covid.

Posted on11/08/2020 by 2559

This year we can not do any chrismas market. So here is the only place to get our products. Be cautious with the time or choose something else in your preffered shop.  

For a delivery in France, an order placed December 18 will be shipped Saturday 19and  can theorically be delivered in time

For Germany: December 10 is the limit for place an order

For Swiss and U.K. : December 12

For Netherlands : December 06

For Belgium : December 15

For Spain : December 06

For Italy : December 11

For Canada : December 02

For USA : November 22

We don't have accurate information for other countries. Can get inspiration from tata we have and add some caution.  And on't forget the good news: many countries are still eligible for our PREMIER discount code. 

PIcture credit: 

Image par <a href="">Gerd Altmann</a> de <a href="">Pixabay</a>

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