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Tamashido Original Set N°12/15

Numbered puzzle

Subtle combination of amber, polished steel, ebony and oak, the Tamashido original series came out of Gataris workshop 2003. It's made of 15 copies numbered from 1 to 15.

It has lifetime free update policy*. All 15's copies of the original set can thus benefit all refinements brought by Tamashido regular production.

*Not including return fee in case there is.

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Like all other current Tamashido, the original set propose 15 challenge strength 1 to 5 and unlimited creation possibilities.

It use and improve 1998 design that got very good feedback at Parthenay’s FLIP but did not go further because too expensive to produce. 

Few years after, the « original set » scheme attempt to reduce production price impact by using precious materials whose implementation is always pricey no matter what one produce with. However, since the game is targeted for all audience, we setup an original pricing routine: The first copy is sold for the exact price of raw materials and then the price raise as the stock decrease according to mathematic formula we called “the law of series” and whose trend is to become infinite  when the stock tend to 0.     

The goal of the game is still find a process to build the different pyramids proposed in the manual. Balls are not magnetized and are put together in a precarious steady state.

All scientific analysis, perseverance, patience and skill required for the standard Tamashido will be needed as well for the origin set. Only few engineering will be saved with the second tool: the fork, since it’s not included in standard edition. Standard Tamashido has been constantly improved and extended along time since original set 2003 creation. But all those improvement and extentions have been reported  on original set with the "origin" quality. 

Tamashido origin will make a difference mainly for two challenges: the chimera and the summit key. The biggest help is the presence of fork and competition balls but also the sweetness of wood that don’t transmit vibrations and shock as well as plastic. As far as we know, chimera has been successfully built only few times on standard Tamashido when there is dozens success with the original set. 

On the other hand  the five chambers and the perfect square  are little more difficult to achieve on the tamashido origin  since the origin tool magnetization is little less strong than the standard one. 

Anyway the Tamashido  standand is offered with the origin .


-Carton box covered with hand embodied textile. 

-Laminated oak wood base.

- reversible laminated oak wood hub v 1998

- reversible laminated oak wood hub v 2007 

- Macassar’s ebony, inox, iron, ferrite, rubber, boxwood, amber, tool: « the spoon » with adjustable magnetization.

-Macassar’s ebony, inox tool: « the fork » 

-Oak wood for the two tools

-56 inox balls frosten  with stone “competition”

-56 inox balls smoothly frosten with ceramics «standard »

-One origin booklet « axiomes de Karpan »

-Standard 24 pages color booklet


Find how to build various pyramids shown in the manual. Balls are not magnetized but there is an adjustable magnetization tool included in the box, aimed to help balls handling. Find tool usages is important part of the game. It's there to help, but how? hands can be used, but are they always more handy than the tool?


Even if the game requires some dexterity and can help develop fine motor skill it's mostly a brain teaser game. Some kind of mechanical sense is needed: Does it stand if I remove this ball?

Most difficult models requires true engineering work to be achieved, with design of reinforcement structures aimed to avoid collapses during critical phases that can be safely removed after the process.

Building methods are often mildly complex and they have to be found in order to avoid hundreds failures. Not only tool usage but also base secret have to be discovered and understood to step forward.

When tips are known, most models are easy to build, but each one have specific tips.


Download solutions from  "ATTACHEMENTS" tab


Since it’s production in 2003 the Tamashido original set has been updated several times. Early owners can ask to get them for free:   

-Ventilation hole in the spoon for easier boxwood part movement 

-Oakwood support addition

-Hexagonal base flatness correction.

-Hub modification to pass from 3 to 15 models

-IPP2007 notice addition

-Standard version booklet addition

-Standard balls addition

-1998’s hub addition to improve chimera feasibility

-New box with embodied textile.   

-Kanji name addition 

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