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Affiliate Program


Welcome in our affiliate program space. This space is dedicated to professional long term relationship. It will help you to communicate interest for our product and get reward for that communication.


The affiliate program is aimed to regulate relationship between COFRAVIE LIMITED company*, which is owner of GATARIS™ brand, and you **. 

In your affiliate account panel you have personalized links and banners which you can use when you talk about us. 

If one of those links is followed and the follower buys something on Gataris website, your affiliate account will be automatically granted some percent of the expense.

The relationship is planned for one year with automatic renewal. It can be closed by you (if you want) or by Cofravie (if we need) with express condition that the account credit balance is 0 and all the due commission have been paid.   

You can ask for earning payment up to 12 times a year. 

** We assume you are a professional entitled to issue invoices or a content creator registered with website such as PATREON or TIPEE. We agree to discuss other cases.


COFRAVIE SARL is a French crafting company with 6000€ capital, registered the 04/01/2007, RCS EVREUX FRANCE 495 366 452, RM EVREUX 495 366 452 RM 270, VAT FR 0449 536 6452,

ZA des prés, 70 route de Fourges, 27 620 GASNY, France

(33) + 06 81 42 91 44


Our program is geared to slightly experienced communicant with little social networking experience. However, it isn't necessary to have thousands followers, we happily agree with beginners. 

Our current production capacity can lead to a maximum of 10 000€ a year total commission. We hope double that number within some years but we can adapt to faster growth in case of need. 

Anyway, we keep the right to agree or refuse affiliation especially in the case our program becomes overload.   


Commissions are based on the sum of purchased products prices. VAT and shipping charges not included.  

Minimum rate for an affiliate is 8%.

If you are content creator with material freely accessible on internet please inform us about that.  We can raise the rate up to 15% *.

If you intent to create contents specifically designed for our brand or one of our product you can contact us and negotiate higher rate.  Note you can also contact us for negotiate a null rate. We don’t want to restrict your freedom ;).

And now the innovative part of our system: let’s say ST is the total sale figure of the month, SO is the sales figures which we do by ourselves  and SY the sale figure which comes from you: affiliate AND content creator. Every month we will add SO * 0.08 * (SY/ST) to your account. 

That way, we don’t need sophisticated easy to hack tracking system to know where that click is coming from. We are not big brother for our customers and all your efforts are rewarded. Also click bots and click farms will not get anything from our system that is more efficient and lead to better value for customer money.

*Thus you get directly the 7% commission we always attribute to content creators when we do a sale.   


Your affiliate customers are: 

  • People who registered for a customer account on right after having followed one of your links. 
  • People who already own a customer acount on and followed one of your links before any other affiliate link. 
  • People who purchased something on without creating an account right after having followed one of your links. 

Our system keeps memory of the link between you and your affiliated customer forever. 

Purchases you do yourself don’t get commissions. 

Purchases made by affiliates of your affiliates don’t make commissions for you.  

Operative event

The operative event that grants you a commission is affiliate customer purchase NOT cancelled within the legal retraction delay (14 days).

Commission is added to your credit balance as soon as the customer payment is accepted. It’s thus subtracted in case of cancellation within 14 days following delivery.   


Affiliation agreement is settled-up for one year and will be tacitly renewed every year. You can stop it at your will at any time. We can stop it 3 month after prior advice in case of force majeure or in case of strong disregard with our recommendations on your side. 

When the affiliation agreement stops, the affiliation links stop working immediately. The affiliation account remains accessible and workable as long as the credit inside is not null. 

If an affiliation account has a positive credit balance and no payment request for more than one year it will get a prior notice and will be closed 3 month after prior notice if there is no response. In such a case, credit balance will be kept in Cofravie SARL data for ten years.  


Don’t present yourself as member of GATARIS team. Instead present us as Sponsor, or partner.

Don’t try to oversell GATARIS. Consider our affiliate program as an opportunity to improve your own communication profitability. Chances are we would enjoy do the same with your affiliate program if you have one. 

Don’t put our resources inside spam or flood. We don’t want our brand or our products become associated with such behavior. 

Avoid violent, hate, crude or racist messages. We don’t want to be associated with such talk.  

Prefer discrete insertion in your own communication scheme assorted with factual description of our products, what we are for you, how to follow that link in a way that you can get benefit of.

You can also explain our approach trend to reduce amount of ads on internet while being more transparent. 

Pay ad is not recommended though not forbidden.


Cofravie SARL is responsible for links and banners available in your affiliate account as well as their landing point good behavior. We warrant our links and banners are suitable for any public. We also warrant they are free of any copyright infringement. We warrant that all landing points are located on Gataris website which is regularly checked against viruses and offensive script. Finally we warrant that all materials available on Gataris Website are our own creation and follow the same rules as our link and banners. We don’t host any dynamic ads and we don’t do any cross selling.  

You are granted right to use banners available in your affiliation space as long as they are published near link we furnish with.

You are responsible of your own talk. No matter whether your words accompany our links and banners or not. You can’t present your words as our communication neither present yourself as member of our team. As stated above, you can present Gataris as a partner or sponsor.  


You can stop our cooperation at any time without need to justify. 

We can’t stop cooperation without prior notice, motivation, and 3 month delay.   

In such a case your account will remain opened and its credit balance will last as described in “duration” paragraph.


You can ask for credit balance payment as soon as it is bigger than 1 € and up to 12 times a year.

You then have to issue an invoice if you want a bank transfer or PayPal payment. In such a case please mind gives us your IBAN detail or e-mail you want to receive your Paypal payment to. 

If you are registered with website such as PATREON or TIPEEE We just need a simple note with your name and amount you want to receive.