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DAYA, art of lead in.

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Strategy board game for all ages group over 7, 2 players, about 15 minute per round.

-Manage to stop the fight With as less damage as possible in order to improve the score.

-Only generals belongs to someone. Other parts need to be controlled.

-Improve players observation and focusing skill.

-Need some mind flexibility to adapt with original mechanism.    

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Daya, art of directing takes some of both Chess and Sun Tzu (the famous Chinese strategist) theories to build a strong game mechanism. 

While playing Daya, nothing is definitely won or lost until the end. All parts except generals can be moved by one player, or the other or even both of them, depending their respective position on the board, leading in complex analysis task, no matter how small is the board and the amount of parts. 

When you capture one part, it give one point to your opponent. Thus there is no simple arithmetic to determine whether one move is good or not. There is a strong need to recognize position advantage and evaluate it to make the decision.

Finally, like in Sun Tzu writings, yesterday's enemy is tomorrow's fellow and preserving him is like preserving future.


- One 25x25cm printed cardboard box.

- One 24.5 x 24.5 cm cardboard printed board.

- 10 3D printed bicolor plastic part (troops).

- 2 3D printed bicolor plastic part (generals).

- 2 colored wooden cubes (marks).

- 12 sheet color booklet.


Two generals fight together by moving troop or themselves. They have to stop the fight in the best position for their side in order to get as much points as possible.

There is two different way to stop hostilities:

        - Push all troops out of one general control.

- capture enemy's general

The second method is more easy and more common, but it's the less efficient because it cost 5 points to capture one general.


While playing Daya, only generals belong to one player. Troops have no fixed side. Troops are controlled by generals that can capture them. If both General can capture one troop, both general can move that troop. In such a case the troop move twice slower than if it is controlled by only one general. Moreover, the last troop moved by one general can not be moved by it's opponent. Finally, troops that can not be capture by any general can not move. This innovative mechanism create complex situation even with small amount of parts. 

On the other hand, forces balance is kept along the whole game. It's not possible to win numerical advantage step by step like any other game. Thus suspense is maintained up to the end.

Last, beginning configuration is not fixed. It can be picked up within numerous different possibilities, both symmetric and non symmetric ones.

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DAYA is part of GATARIS new generation product range.

It's craft made with vegetable origin materials.

Board and box are printed on paper. They are then cut by hand and glued on thick cardboard which is itself cut and formed along gluing process.  

Booklet is printed on paper, then paperbacked by hand with eraser and standard stapler. Finally it's folded and cut with small guillotine. 

Pieces are 3D printed with corn starch bioplastic filament.

Pieces, board and booklet are then put in the box which is covered  with plastic film.

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