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Tamashido, the ways of the balls.

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Puzzle for experts and beginners 7 years old and more :VIDEO

-How to build those hollow pyramids with non magnetized balls?

-15 challenges strength 1 to 5 + unlimited creation

-Strengthen patience, la motor skill, method , observation and 3D vision.

-Need Scientific analysis in order to solve most difficult problems

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TAMASHIDO is an innovative puzzle which has been refined for years in GATARIS workshop before it comes to you. From the first 1988's prototype

up to current product it benefited from constant evolution while we sold about 10 thousand of it.

With the magical tool and the 'secrets' pages of the booklet you will achieve equilibrium feat within minutes. But don't be fooled. It's a true challenge which can take you some months to succeed in to build all the models.

TAMASHIDO present unique mixture of mind and motor challenges suitable for both children and seasoned puzzle enthusiasts. Dexterity, logic, funny physics are all involved in TAMASHIDO solving process.

You can have a look at the demo, for better and quicker understanding.


-One metal box with plastic lid. 

-56 stainless steel balls.

-Double sided red base.

-Tool with adjustable magnetization.

-24 sheet color booklet.


Find how to build various pyramids shown in the manual. Balls are not magnetized but there is an adjustable magnetization tool included in the box, aimed to help balls handling. Find tool usages is important part of the game. It's there to help, but how? hands can be used, but are they always more handy than the tool?    


Even if the game requires some dexterity and can help develop fine motor skill it's mostly a brain teaser game. Some kind of mechanical sense is needed: Does it stand if I remove this ball?

Most difficult models requires true engineering work to be achieved, with design of reinforcement structures aimed to avoid collapses during critical phases that can be safely removed after the process.

Building methods are often mildly complex and they have to be found in order to avoid hundreds failures. Not only tool usage but also red base secret have to be discovered and understood to step forward.

When tips are known, most models are easy to build, but each one have specific one.



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Tamashido is an hight precision toy.

Balls are stainless steel bearings grade.They are smothly frosted with abrasive stones

Red bases are cut into 100 mm diameter bars then turned for give them smooth surface and round borders. Balls footprints and channels are then milled with precision CNC milling machine. This step is the most important one. It needs micrometer accuracy for Tmashido work as perfect as it does.

Fraisage Base RougeFraisage centre d'usinage

Plastic parts of the tool are turned with CNC lathe and then polished with abrasive stones to erase all turning traces. Magnet channel is then milled and a second stone polishing step is applied. After all a third polishing step with corn and fruit kernel abrasive compound is applied. That third step is what gives tool their unalterable texture.

Tribofinition Bases Rouges

Metal part of the tool is made of iron. It’s turned, then modeled, then polished with abrasive stones and finally covered with tin.

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