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Quintex, the cubic cooking.

Quintex - The cubic cooking: puzzle for confirmed enthusiast.

Quintex is the result of two generation "research" about cubes puzzles. With 36 colored parts including all 29 ways to assemble 5 cubes plus 7 extras, it's possible to achieve a wide variety of cubes (3x3, 4x4, 5x5) as well as parallelepipeds (up to 4x5x8). 

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Note: Today (15/07/2016) is the official Quintex release day. Thus, consider some days extra delay if you order near that date. We still have some

small things to arrange in the booklet. 

Quintex is "classic" cube based puzzle with colored parts allowing different difficulty levels from very easy up to very difficult.


  • 36 parts:
    • 1 part made of 1 cube,
    • 5 parts made of 2 cubes,
    • 1 part made of 4 cubes,
    • 29 parts made of 5 cubes.
  • 1 booklet.
  • 1 cubic box 5 x 5 .
  • 1 rectangular box  8 x 5  x 4.


       Build proposed figures and answer some simple but open questions.   


      3D puzzle for one player or more (the 6 colors allow players to share the work). The first problems are accessible for 5 years old children but the complexity level raise fast. Patience, method and inventiveness have to be involved in order to solve some problems (there is some milliards) 

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