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Personal data protection.

All GATARIS web pages where your personal data have to appear are secured. Your data are encrypted with SSL protocol on your machine before they are sent to our server. Our server is the only one to have the private key that make it  possible to decrypt your data. Thus even if transmitted data are intercepted, they can not be decrypted by anyone since the private key is never transmitted with SSL protocol. 

On the other hand, GATARIS do not transmit your data to other companies for advertisement purpose. Your delivery address is transmitted to shipping company through the label on the parcel. The same may append to your phone number, if you give us, in order to improve delivery reliability.

You can easily insure yourself that the page you are watching is secured by looking at the address bar. If it start with "https://" it mean the page is secured.

Secured payment.

Credit card and Paypal payments are secured by Paypal. GATARIS has no access to personal payment data. Your payment data are crypted to transit from your machine to Paypal servers and then Paypal inform GATARIS that the payment is valid.

Bank transfer is also possible but it takes little longer time. In such a case your bank inform GATARIS bank when payment has arrived making it possible for us to ship package.